5 reasons to get cookie compliant


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Posted by Fergal McHugh on August 31, 2020

5 reasons to get cookie compliant

Following a sweep conducted between August 2019 and December 2019 the Irish DPC (Data Protection Commissioner) provided updated guidance on Regulation 5 of the ePrivacy Regulations which deals with cookies. The guidance was published on the April the 6th 2020 and the DPC are allowing a six month period to enable “controllers to bring their products, including websites and mobile apps, into compliance, after which enforcement action will commence.” This period ends on October 5th 2020.

With this in mind, we are taking this opportunity to explain how to get compliant and run through 5 reasons to get “cookie compliant” ASAP.

  1. It’s the law. The DPC are empowered to enforce this legislation through the Data Protection Act 2018. Enforcement will incorporate full suite of measures available under the GDPR which can include fines up to 2% of turnover/€10m.
  2. It’s the right thing to do. You want to know how websites are tracking you and what they are doing with your data? So, do your customers.
  3. It’s good for business. Compliance promotes trust and signals to your customer that you care about what happens to their information. For example, a recent report noted that consumers increasingly privilege digital business that limit the amount of personal information requested and may be walking away from transactions where trust hasn’t been sufficiently developed (McKinsey April 22, 2020).
  4. It’s an opportunity to de-risk. Many organisations do not have a clear idea of the scope of the dimensions of what they are tracking and what third parties they are sharing information with. This can be bad news legally, but can also damage your brand and get your embroiled in scandals! This in an opportunity to simplify, take back control!
  5. It’s the future. The world’s leading companies are now increasingly building privacy-by-design into their digital interactions. Google, Apple and Mozilla are taking steps to phase-out 3rd party cookie support from their browsers. The future of digital marketing is elsewhere! Take the first step toward getting there.

Are you looking for advice on compliance? The deadline is fast approaching so contact us today.

Watch the recording of our joint webinar with OneTrust and download the deck here.

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