5 UX articles every UX designer should read


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on October 08, 2019

5 UX articles every UX designer should read

Our last roundup discussed UX tools, a useful review template and discussed building a design system from scratch. This time we were really focusing on form best practice, collecting dates in a way that is accessible and the personality of sans seriff font.

  1. Collecting dates in an accessible way

Collecting dates in an accessible way. How to represent dates, pros and cons to different methods such as date pickers, inputs, multiple inputs.

  1. Form best practices

 10 tips for the do’s and don’ts of form building.

  1. Jared Spool on how to increase your team’s UX maturity

Becoming customer-centric is a big challenge for most organisations. The journey typically passes through 5 stages or mindsets. In this article Jared Spool, outlines his own experience of these and explains what each typically means for large organisations.

  1. The rise of the Sans Seriff

The history, trends and personality of sans serif fonts

  1. Where to put buttons on forms

Useful reference regarding button placement and forms, would be useful for own Sketch / front-end assets.

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