5 UX articles that inspired us this week


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on June 06, 2019

5 UX articles that inspired us this week

Our last roundup included articles relating to testing your UX concepts, designing for conversations and the real-world issue of using the “number” input type. This round up is about preventing negative emotions, how to use colour and the importance of user research.

  1. Why are you not designing your day-to-day experience?

Every day we spend time mapping user journeys and applying design principles in our work. Why are we not doing the same thing with every single aspect of our lives?

  1. How to prevent negative emotions in the user experience of your product

You want users to enjoy using your product by eliminating negative experiences and inducing positive emotion in your users. This article teaches you how to prevent anger and frustration from your users as you design the optimal user experience for your product.

  1. How to not suck at colour

A lot of people struggle with how to use colour but once you understand some fundamental rules, working with colour can become something you look forward to.

  1. User research can help to avoid big design mistakes

When you design based on assumptions, you risk some or all of those assumptions being wrong. User research is highly valuable before and after designing your product by replacing assumptions with actual insight into your target audience.

  1. Designing for accessibility is not that hard

Seven easy-to-implement guidelines to design for accessibility to make technology usable to all people regardless of their abilities, geographical location, education, age or economic situation.

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