5 UX articles to help with the long commute


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on January 29, 2019

5 UX articles to help with the long commute

In previous compilations we have discussed Bot Design, the UX of Voice, Virtual Reality and Chatbots. This week we focus on some trends and accounts to follow for 2019, an online experiment and design thinking at IBM.

  1. 16 UX/UI Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

Looking for ideas or inspiration? Here’s 16 UX/UI Instagram accounts you should follow that may help you step up your game.

  1. In The Fake News Era, Native Ads Are Muddying The Waters

An online experiment finds that less than 1 in 10 people can tell sponsored content from an article.

  1. Service Design: Pushing Us Beyond The Familiar

An example of an auto repair shop, where the application didn’t change over night but the context of use changed as a tool that was previously helpful was now an impediment to the business.

  1. The Loop – A Short Documentary About Design Thinking At IBM

IBM have created a design thinking transformation at the 100-year-old tech giant, and they’re starting to see business outcomes. Have a look at the short documentary featuring interviews with many on the front line of the transformation.

  1. UI Trends That Will Shape 2019

What will we be seeing across websites and apps in the coming months? A list of some of the trends to watch out for this year.

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