5 UX articles to make you think


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on February 25, 2020

5 UX articles to make you think

Our last compilation focused on the role of animation and motion in UX and a checklist for planning a design system. This roundup discusses the cost of buttons, designing for dark mode and Gestalt principles in UI design.

  1. UX 101: Norman Doors

Have you ever try to pull a door open when you should have pushed it? It was probably a "Norman Door"! This article explains how poor design causes people to struggle with doors every day.

  1. 2. And you thought buttons were easy?

This article makes the case for Design Systems in large organisations, by looking at how the cost of even a single button can spiral out of control if it's not designed within a central system for use across multiple products and teams.

  1. 3. The important lessons every designer should learn from the Iowa Caucuses

After historically reporting via paper score sheets, the Democratic Party tried a different approach this week with a new app to reduce the time it takes to announce the results. This app would have sped up the process if it hadn’t been full of issues, which offers us a great opportunity to reflect on how the everyday issues we face can create chaos on a national scale.

  1. Turn the lights off – designing for dark mode

Designing for dark mode isn’t just about flipping colours and inverting white to black..

  1. Gestalt principles in UI design

How to become a master manipulator of Visual Communication to become a wiser designer. Gestalt principles help us to achieve our UI design goals about communication, performance and convenience.

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