5 UX articles to read at Christmas


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on December 20, 2019

5 UX articles to read at Christmas

Our last roundup included articles about designing for dark mode and looking at how to migrate design systems. This roundup focuses on finding your brand voice, a web geeks advent calendar of content and UX spotted at a Christmas play.

  1. 24 Ways

24ways is the advent calendar for web geeks with a daily dose of web design and development to bring you a little Christmas cheer.

  1. The state of UX in 2020

Here’s what to expect for UX in 2020.

  1. Finding your brand voice

Your voice (both visual and written) is what sets your brand apart from others, and finding it is the key to a successful product.

  1. UX spotted at a Christmas play

Even more than the talent, the most impressing part of the Christmas play was the thought put into the entire patron experience, from end to end.

  1. How the last 10 years transformed design’s role in tech

As the decade comes to a close we’re reminded of how much has changed in such a short period and especially in tech. We recently published a blog post related this and how mobile consumption overtook desktop consumption in 2019.

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