5 UX articles to read while self-isolating


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on April 01, 2020

5 UX articles to read while self-isolating

Our last round-up discussed the cost of buttons and designing for dark mode. This week’s compilation is focusing on remote working and the UX of social distancing and how to use design techniques to help flatten the curve during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. The workers who face the greatest coronavirus risk

The risk level associated with a variety of jobs was calculated using dozens of scores to each occupation for things like how often a phone is used to how often you’re required to bend your back. Hover over the bubbles to explore each profession and the risks associated with it.

  1. Tools for Remote UX Workshops

As we are all working from home, find some tools your team can use to facilitate UX workshops remotely.

  1. How UX designers can encourage social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic

This article shows how we can use design techniques such as nudging to help flatten the curve.

  1. 5 Neuromarketing tricks for your visual content

This article shares insights into neuromarketing which can help designers find effective approaches to visual content.

  1. My UX of Social Distancing

This article describes the writers experience of social distancing discussing social interactions, time zones and gaming.

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