5 UX articles to start off 2020


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on January 23, 2020

5 UX articles to start off 2020

Our last compilation included some Christmas themed articles, from a web geeks advent calendar of content to UX spotted at a Christmas party. This roundup focuses on the role of animation and motion in UX, a checklist for planning a design system and the Pareto principle.

  1. Why your next brainstorm should begin with an embarrassing story

This study finds that when participants remembered embarrassing stories before a brainstorming sessions, they came up with both a larger number and a wider range of ideas than those who shared a memory that made them proud.

  1. The role of animation and motion in UX

When UI animations are subtle and unobtrusive they can improve the user experience, can communication feedback and prevent disorientation. See examples of motion as a signifier, attention grabbing animation and motion for feedback.

  1. Build better design systems

Checklist covering key categories for planning a design system from design language, to core components and project management.

  1. UX fundamentals: Pareto principle, the 80/20 rule that every designer should know

Have you ever noticed how you use the same small number of features and apps on your phone? This article explains the Pareto principle (or 80/20 rule) and how it can be applied to design.

  1. Top 10 UX videos of 2019

The most popular Nielson Norman Group UX videos published in 2019.

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