5 UX Posts To Read This Week


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on November 15, 2019

5 UX Posts To Read This Week

Our last roundup was focusing on form best practice, collecting dates in a way that is accessible and the personality of sans seriff font. This roundup includes designing for dark mode, a look at how to migrate design systems from Sketch to Figma and creating a custom focus style.

  1. Creating a custom focus style

What to think about when creating different focus style implementations.

  1. Designing for dark mode

5 things the Outlook mobile team learned about scaling dark mode design

  1. Speed up your website WebP

As more of our browsers, devices and software support WebP, it’s time that web designers started adopting it as their default image format.

  1. Moving from Sketch to Figma

Here’s a nuts-and-bolts and behind-the-scenes look at how Help Scout migrated design systems from Sketch to Figma.

  1. How Netflix uses psychology to prefer their customer experience

Decoding the science behind the features that keep you binging on Netflix.

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