5 UX posts we suggest reading this week


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on July 16, 2019

5 UX posts we suggest reading this week

Our last roundup discussed preventing negative emotions, how to use colour and the importance of user research. This time round we discuss UX tools, share a useful review template you could use, and discuss building a design system from scratch.

  1. The Attention Economy

Digital products are competing for users’ limited attention. The modern economy increasingly revolves around the human attention span and how products capture that attention. This has led to the popularity of design trends that often degrade the user experience.

  1. Brief UX thread on UX tools

Mixed response, but lots of love for Miro and Figma, and lots of great options in the comments.

  1. A UX Review Template

A template that anyone can use including business objectives, working with data, usability reviews and technical reviews.

  1. Birth of Our New Design System

Learning and recommendations from building a design system from scratch. The importance of documentation and recommendations on how to keep maintained and up-to-date.

  1. User inyerface

The website, aptly named User in yer face, is the epitome of bad design. It’s made by Bagaar, a Belgium based IoT product agency to point out bad design practices, and use as a marketing tool - try not to get infuriated!

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