A gift may not always be wrapped


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Posted by Alina Sidbrant on December 21, 2020

A gift may not always be wrapped

What a crazy and unusual year it was, but now it is finally Christmas. The most magical time of the year, when we can relax with our loved ones and for a moment forget all the worries that 2020 has brought. Christmas is the time to connect with our friends and families (even though this year it has been through zoom for many), and to give gifts of appreciation to the people who have helped and inspired us the most.

Every year we use this opportunity to find a meaningful way to thank our clients.

Last Christmas we decided to take a different approach in our gifts to our clients; instead of packaged appreciation wine or a hamper, we gave the gift of a tree. All of the trees we gifted were native Irish trees such as Willow, Alder, Birch, Holly and Sessile Oak. Each of the 120 trees bought will be planted in Lackmore, Co. Clare and will supply enough oxygen for four people per day.

This Christmas we realised that Covid19 hit some of us harder than the others, so we wanted to support those who need it the most. This year on behalf of our clients, we decided to donate to two charitable causes, chosen by Arekibians – Laura Lynn and 3Ts.

Laura Lynn

LauraLynn is a hospice for children with life-limiting conditions and residential care for children and young adults with disabilities. They employ 140 staff within our teaching, fundraising and care provision departments.

LauraLynn's mission is to provide a Community of Care that delivers evidence-based, personalised services to children with palliative care needs, complex care needs and complex disabilities, while also providing family support services and a home to their residents where quality-of-life is paramount.


3Ts (Turn the Tide of Suicide) is a registered suicide prevention charity in Ireland. They work to raise awareness of the issue of suicide. 3Ts aim to help prevent future suicide deaths through research, education & support. 3Ts receives no Government funding, so they rely solely on fundraising activities and donor support.

The charity was co-founded by psychiatrist & suicide expert, Prof Kevin Malone MD, MRCPI, MRCPsych of UCD and SVUH., and Irish businessman & solicitor, Noel Smyth. It is driven by a core committee with expertise in fields of mental health, health administration, business & law, marketing & fundraising. The 3Ts team are passionate about suicide prevention.

We are delighted with the possibility that engaging with these charities has given us and we look forward to many more initiatives in the future.

From all of us here at Arekibo, we wish you a happy Christmas, and a happy and safe New Year!

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Alina Sidbrant

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