Creating a functional and scalable digital presence with Matheson


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on February 11, 2021

Creating a functional and scalable digital presence with Matheson

Another project go-live recently was our work with Matheson. Matheson are the largest law firm in Ireland and their old website had become dated. The website was 11 year old and had numerous constraints such as missing lead generation opportunities, complex site structure, not mobile responsive and the design didn’t reflect their brand guidelines.

Their previous CMS was Expression Engine and the platform did not provide the firm the flexibility, functionality and scalability to meet the needs of the team.

The move to Sitefinity was of strategic importance. The new scalable and secure platform now allows the firm, partners and marketing team to easily create bespoke pages for practice areas and create marketing and recruitment campaigns.

This project started in early 2020, but soon with the Covid-19 outbreak had to be moved to being 100% digital, as both Matheson and Arekibo teams switched to working from home in mid-March. What was initially seen as a challenge quickly became an advantage. Firstly, a fully digital project delivery helped to cut down on commute time to and from the meetings. Secondly, we could use this “saved” time to increase the communication and transparency between the teams, to ensure timely delivery of the site and bring the client on board through the entire project.

Our agile delivery approach has helped us to build a close relationship with the client and gave us a very deep understanding of their firm and company. This was important for building the platform, as visual representation and on-brand design are hugely important for law firms. Being a highly competitive industry, there's always a question of how one can law firm stand out compared to the others.

An upgrade from the Expression Engine to a fully equipped digital platform built on Sitefinity allowed Matheson to break away from rigid and inflexible digital content management to the centralized hub for managing their digital presence.

If you are thinking of changing the way you manage your web by building a user-first, scalable and secure digital platform, contact us.

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