Creating digital experiences: challenges, solutions, success formula


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Posted by Alina Sidbrant on June 17, 2020

Creating digital experiences: challenges, solutions, success formula

Last month we held a DXP Content Challenge webinar with Sitefinity to discuss why content strategy may be failing your DXP investment. Fergal touched on what makes a good digital experience, challenges that marketers are facing today, how DXP can help to solve those challenges and about personalization. We asked him a few questions related to his presentation.

What makes a good digital experience?

Content lays at the heart of every good digital experience. But not just any content. From our experience working with our clients, the content that really makes people stop, and more importantly come back has to be interactive, relevant, engaging and meaningful. It has to meet the client at the right time of their user journey, and provide the true value the customer is looking for. Sometimes it means displaying the right information at the right time or answering the customer’s question. And of course another important thing to remember is keeping the content fresh!

What are the main challenges marketers are facing today?

When it comes to making digital experiences relevant and engaging, Marketers today are not taking the right approach. “By 2025, 80% of marketers who have invested in personalization will abandon their efforts due to lack of ROI, the perils of customer data management or both, according to Gartner, Inc.”

This happens due to lack of understanding of DXP concepts, in particular personalisation. Another reason is not adapting – refusing to change old habits. Organisations often don’t have a personalisation strategy, the don’t have buy-in and support at the highest levels and they don’t have the kind of processes – organisational habits — in place to maximise the value of their DXP investment.

Successful Marketers have to split their efforts between 3 main activities: creating high quality content, learning and deploying the functionality of the chosen technology (DXP and other tools) and optimizing their marketing activities with data.

How can DXP help?

DXP plays an important role in understanding personalization, because it can help marketers to:

  • Deliver and manage digital experiences
  • Co-ordinate experiences across channels
  • Build relationships
  • Store and re-deploy value

To truly master personalization, the approach to content strategy is going to need to be flexible and organic, and dynamic in order to take advantage of a model like this. This means having the content raw materials which will allow us to feed a “relevance” engine which is constantly pursuing a balance between customer, context and our business goals.

And here is how DXP can really be of good help, so let the machine do it!

What is personalization to you?

Personalization is connecting customer attributes with the context, to create valuable digital experience.

If I had to put it into the formula, it would look like the one on the image below. Customer attributes like knowledge, interests and past interactions plus the context of the user including their location, device they’re using and how they landed on your site should be multiplied by your business goals to equal your valuable experiences.


Watch the webinar recording below and download the deck for the webinar.

If you would like to chat to Fergal about enhancing your digital experience, contact us today and download the deck from the webinar here.

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