Developing a unified global site for IPL


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Posted by Alina Sidbrant on February 11, 2020

Developing a unified global site for IPL

Arekibo’s work for global sustainable packaging solution provider IPL was launched last week. The past few months have been busy at IPL, who were in the process of rolling out a rebrand for the entire global operations. The website was the first tool to showcase the new brand. We’re now thrilled to share the IPL global website.

The Challenge

IPL is a public-listed manufacturer of sustainable packaging solutions, operating primarily in Europe and the Americas. The challenge was to create a group online presence, consolidating a number of company level websites into one global domain that reflected IPL's core values.


The objectives were to showcase IPL’s sustainable packaging solutions globally on one site for the first time, to encourage lead generation from potential customers worldwide, and to provide an informative investor relations service online.

We took the core vision and simplified the visual approach to ensure clarity in the messaging. Progress Sitefinity was selected as the technology best suited to deliver on the vision of delivering value to customers and shareholders. We needed a solution that was scalable to allow a prospective IPL customer to find a product easily and demonstrate the breadth of the global group at an industry level.

The delivery

This project was delivered using our new agile methodology end to end. We’ve found that our adoption of agile across most of our projects clearly outperforms the traditional waterfall method.

Agile delivery is based on the principles of continuous integration and continuous deployment. The basic idea around agile is that the team works in tandem to quickly produce small pieces of a much larger project and release parts along the way to gain user insights. In practice it means that the project still follows the usual logic of strategy, UX, design, frontend, backend, testing. However, the entire workload would be split into several 4-week periods (we call them the “cycles”).

Once a cycle would be complete, the work done would be passed to the client, to be reviewed, tested and approved.

Approach and communications

As part of our agile approach we adopted a new approach which saw an Arekibian work in-house at IPL to ensure we delivered for each cycle. This involved working with and coordinating communications with multiple internal and external stakeholders. Once approved, the next cycle would commence with the next block of work beginning. This gives the client the opportunity to constantly see the website being done in segments, making sure we are achieving their goals and keeping them in the loop.

This approach allowed us and IPL to work on each aspect of the new website. Together we managed to foresee and avoid the potential complications or risks very early on. Our constant communication made it easier for both – our client and ourselves – to adapt to changes quickly and increased the efficiency of both teams.

If you have any questions or are interested in discussing what we could do for your site, contact us today.

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