Digitally transforming KPMG aviation portal


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Posted by Alina Sidbrant on March 18, 2020

Digitally transforming KPMG aviation portal

We’re delighted to present the newly launched KPMG Aviator - KPMG Ireland’s dedicated Aviation Finance & Leasing Tax Portal, designed to help clients in this sector in navigating an increasingly complex Tax environment.

This portal provides KPMG clients with the latest industry-sector news and reports across multiple jurisdictions and gives access to online query-forms allow the user to submit structured, focused queries to KPMG tax advisers relating to the transfer and leasing of aviation equipment internationally. This represents a significant transition from handling client requests via a traditional ‘offline’ process - whereby clients would call or email KPMG for advice. Now they can submit questions through the new portal and these queries are then processed via various online KPMG internal systems.

Developing this client portal was identified by this industry-sector KPMG tax team as potentially being a valuable contribution to the firm’s overall digital transformation strategy. Its delivery has significantly extended the firm’s digital capabilities and provided value-added benefits for the client. For example, the online query-submission options give clients the flexibility to submit queries to KPMG anytime, anywhere.

We delivered this project using the Agile methodology. In practice, this meant constant and transparent communications - crucial to requirements’ sign-off and the successful delivery of the various phases of the project. Overall, it ensured the successful delivery and adoption of the product.

Notably, we took the opportunity to regularly present early prototypes to the client for feedback. This is how we got the invaluable insights into how KPMG and their clients would like to use the query-forms and other elements of the portal. This led to us making some significant and important changes to the overall project design and development.

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