Five UX articles that made us think this week


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on April 18, 2019

Five UX articles that made us think this week

Our last roundup had articles related to UX research, how animations can help this year and the UX of chatbots. This week we have a UI/UX case study for Vans, the difference between design thinking and design sprints and a list of UX Clichés.

  1. Vans – A UI/UX Case Study

A study of a possibility of a redesigned desktop UI of, not done by the official Vans team. The article dives into understanding the users, identifying issues and developing prototypes.

  1. Design Thinking vs Design Sprints, what’s the difference?

Design thinking and design sprints are buzzwords thrown around constantly but what do they really mean and are they the same thing? Learn which one is the recipe and which is the cooking class, it'll make sense once you read the article.

  1. A Comprehensive List of UX Clichés 

Clichés are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get! A list of all the clichés you're likely to hear as a designer.

  1. Complex Navigation Patterns for Responsive Design

How to design for complex navigation systems? This article outlines some approaches and breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of each

  1. How to Design An Accessible Colour Scheme

Tips and tricks for creating an accessible colour scheme for a website.

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