Five UX articles to brighten up your commute


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Posted by Liam Cahill on October 05, 2018

Five UX articles to brighten up your commute

The UX team in Arekibois made up of a mix of UI and UX Designers and UI Developers. To collaborate closely it’s good for us all to keep up with trends in each other’s fields. One way we do this is by sharing articles we find useful or interesting across the team so that we can all keep up to date.

Rather than just sharing these articles amongst ourselves we decided to start compiling the articles we found to be the most useful or the most interesting and share them with you.

That being said, here are five UX articles to brighten your commute:

1.How Paper Wireframing Will Make You a Better Designer

Published on Marvelapp Blog.

We had a great experience using paper wireframing during a recent project and this article does an excellent job of detailing the benefits of starting with a marker and paper as well as giving some great tips to take into consideration when working this way.

2. Design better data tables

Published on UX Collective on Medium.

This is an article which has been referenced by the team a lot lately.When designing tables;which deal with large amounts of data it can be tough to find comparable tables to cite, thankfully this article has plenty of excellent examples to use as inspiration.

3. An Accessibility Checklist for Designers and Developers

Published by Serena Zheng on Medium.

Designing accessible websites and apps benefits not just those with those with limited vision, hearing or mobility, but all users. To make this easier Serena has put together a checklist that you can use to ensure you are creating UI’s for all users.

4. The iPhone’s original UI designer on Apple’s greatest flaws

Published by Fast Company.

Imagine being one of the designers on what would turn out to become a ground-breaking invention such as the iPhone. After two decades in Apple Imran Chaudhri talks about where he believes Apple went wrong along the way.

5. Leonardo Da Vinci was the best UX Designer in history

Published on UX Collective on Medium.

Its widely known that the title of UX Designer is relatively new but what if we were to say UX Designers have been around since the 1400’s? That’s exactly that this article declares as it breaks down the personality traits that made Leonardo the best UX Designer in history.

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