Five UX articles to ease your commute


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Posted by Martin Casey on October 15, 2018

Five UX articles to ease your commute

Five UX Articles To Ease Your Commute

As mentioned inour previous article, our UX team will be regularly sharing top UX blogs they have found while researching.

Here are another five UX articles to brighten up your commute:

1. John Maeda: Designing Inclusive Teams and Products

John Maeda talks to Adobe VP of Design about inclusion and diversity in design. John now leads the computational design and inclusion at Automattic

2. Stanford - Reading List

They say that 'the best way to learn about design thinking is to do it, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out some of the books that help contextualize what we do.' Time to start your christmas gift list.

3. Here is how UX Design integrates with Agile and Scrum.

Jeff Gothelf, lean and agile evangelist shares his informed view on how Design can work in Agile and Scrum.

4. Guidelines to Designing Apps for Mental Health

On Tuesday last week was #worldmentalhealthday, - Marli Mesibov shares some great insights in this article

5. The Psychology of Design

Jon Yablonski argues that every designer should learn the fundamentals of psychology - I agree -

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