Goodbody: Digital transformation of an investment management platform


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Posted by Alina Sidbrant on July 29, 2021

Goodbody: Digital transformation of an investment management platform

As part of our 10 opinions for 2021 campaign we interviewed Sarah Moriarty, Head of Brand at Goodbody. Goodbody is a leading financial services firm serving and growing client relationships for over 145 years. They are a full service, investment-led business offering wealth management, asset management and investment banking services.


Talking about digital, what was your biggest challenge in 2020? If there were no challenges, what were your biggest learnings?

There are always challenges! Reimagining the buyer journey in a digital world, accelerated by the global pandemic, has been the single biggest challenge for our business in 2020. Really knowing your customers and anticipating their needs is a core part of our business model in delivering wealth management services. How do you form relationships and recreate high-touch connections virtually? Digital tools have undoubtedly enabled us to showcase the expertise of our people more effectively and this has resulted in high engagement but it can’t stop there. Marketing and sales alignment is more important than ever - ensuring we have consistent data to track all engagements thereafter so we can understand the end-to-end experience for a customer or prospect is key for our organisation. This allows us to meet our buyers’ needs more effectively and deliver high-impact interactions virtually.

Where you are now, what do you think 2021 holds for you? In other words, what will your focus for 2021 be in terms of digital.

As digital transformation was already well under way within the company, it enabled us to pivot quickly so the customer experience was largely seamless. This is something we are all immensely proud of and the response from clients has been really encouraging. Nothing stands still, however, and client expectations are shifting all the time – innovation in delivering stand-out client experiences, whether that is at the consideration, purchase or retention stage. This is where we must deliver. Technology that supports that objective is key – we want to develop our capabilities and work with “best of breed” partners to deliver customer centred onboarding and service interactions. Personalisation and interactivity are important areas of focus for the marketing team in 2021, as well as refining and expanding our content marketing programme to embrace new digital channels and additional methods of storytelling.

What company/companies inspire you in terms of their digital achievements? Why do you find it inspiring, and what initiatives do they do?

  1. Personal Capital. I think some of the digital tools that they have created on their platforms are great examples of a truly customer-centric marketing strategy at work.
  2. Monzo. How they have involved customers e.g. Monzo Labs, to improve and innovate customer service, communication and products.

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