Google launches Trips on desktop for travel planning


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on May 15, 2019

Google launches Trips on desktop for travel planning

Google combining all travel features in one to simplify travel planning

On the 14th of May, Google announced it has combined it’s travel products under a single landing page called “Trips” to simplify travel planning and allow users to better research and coordinate their getways. Trips will include Google Flights, Hotels and Trips.

Now when you visit, or search for something like “hotels in Vancouver” you’ll find travel information from a variety of sources in one place.  As trips can takes weeks to organise your recent searches, saved places, flights and hotels will be tracked.

What can I see about upcoming trips?

“As you plan a trip, your research and reservations will be organised for you in Trips,” says Google’s head of travel product management, Richard Holden, in a post on Google’s blog.
Once the user is signed into a Google account, the information related to your holiday will automatically be added to your Google Calendar and be easily editable in the Trips timeline.

Along with the important information about your reservations, you’ll see the weather for upcoming or potential trips, you’ll see travel articles, things to do, popular restaurants around your hotel, popular neighbourhoods nearby and events happening during the dates you have selected.


As always with Google, this is just the beginning and Holden says that their goal is to help users find the most useful information as quickly as possible and give them the ability to pick up where they left on on any device.

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