Know Your Arekibian: Alex


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on April 09, 2020

Know Your Arekibian: Alex

Next up on our Know Your Arekibian series is Alex, a Project Manager who loves travelling and rugby. See our Q&A below:

What was your journey to Arekibo?

I got my first agency job working for a web design and development agency in Dublin where I held a number of roles across Web Design, Digital Marketing and Operations. I then moved on to an online learning company where I worked as a Technical Consultant and a Operations Administrator for some time.

I was starting to miss the agency life, which led me to Arekibo. Several interviews with Martin and Luke then followed and now here I am, featured on the Arekibo blog!

3 things you have learned during your time in Arekibo?

  1. How to work remotely during an international pandemic
  2. Where to get the best flat whites across the city
  3. How to get from Pearse St. Station to the office in record time

Favourite thing about your job?

I’m a big fan of the variety that comes with my job and this industry. As a Project Manager, we’re heavily involved in our projects from start to finish, and as a project moves through each of its stages, we end up wearing a number of different hats throughout.

Each client has their own set of needs and asks when it comes to their respective digital projects, which means that some days we’re problem solving, other days we’re guiding design, and other days we’re well … project managing! I’m sure it’s been echoed by my colleagues but no two days are the same in Arekibo, and I think that’s a good thing.

One thing most people don't know about you?

I created and ran one of Irelands biggest video game websites for a number of years. We built up a relatively large amount of traffic and fans on our social media accounts. We even got to go to Gamescom in Germany 3 years in a row, complete with press passes and access all areas to the game developers and publishers which allowed us to interview the people behind some of our favourite games. This allowed us to be some of the first in the world to break a few video game news stories ahead of our much larger international competition which was a pretty nice feeling!

One thing you can’t work without?

Well I’d have to say that coffee is definitely a given, but the one thing I can’t work without are sticky notes. You’ll always find a block on my desk. They’re really handy for keeping concise notes, keeping track of tasks and reminding you of things to follow up on. And there’s a small bit of satisfaction to be had in scrunching them up and throwing them out at the end of the day once all that needs to be done has been done!

What's one skill you've gained since joining Arekibo?

Making sure I’m constantly manually saving projects in Microsoft Project, I learnt the hard way that autosave is not turned on by default in MS Project!

What's your personal motto?

Don’t worry about it, sure we’ll be grand!

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