Know Your Arekibian : Gerard


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on April 29, 2019

Know Your Arekibian : Gerard

Up next on our "Know Your Arekibian" series we have Gerard, a project manager at Arekibo.

What was your journey to Arekibo?

I started my career as a journalist for a couple of national Sunday newspapers and completed an MA in journalism in DCU. I specialised in business journalism because as my background was in Economics before moving into the corporate and digital communications space. I had a great experience working for organisations like CRH, DCU, The Sunday Business Post and Sunday Tribune. It was at CRH back in 2011 while I was managing the corporate website that I first came into contact with the Arekibo team. The level of service and commitment that Arekibo delivered for the corporate website project at the time impressed me.. little did I know 8 years later I would start working for them!

One thing most people don’t know about you?

Well, most people wouldn’t know I’m a singer-songwriter and contribute to some music productions. Aside from my music I love the outdoors and spend a lot of time with my dogs, hiking and kayaking.

Project you’re most proud of?

I am proud of all the great project work the team produces here at Arekibo. There is no one project I would put my hands on and say that’s the one.

3 things you have learned during your time in Arekibo?

  1. Working with and maximising value for a range of client project budgets

  2. A solution is not a one-time event. It’s part of the overall journey with the client to deliver the best digital experience for their customers.

  3. It’s all about connecting with your customers whether it is B2C or B2B. This is at the core of what we do here.

One thing you can’t work without?

My notepad for getting things done.

Favourite thing about your job?

Delivering a range of projects for a diverse spectrum of organisations.

Apple or Android? Why?

Android. There are few limitations when it comes to what you can tweak and customise on an Android device.

Personal motto

Each experience makes you grow.

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