Know Your Arekibian: Hilary


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on April 23, 2020

Know  Your Arekibian: Hilary

Next up on our Know Your Arekibian series is Hilary, a new Project Manager who loves yoga, coffee and leopard print. See our Q&A below:

What was your journey to Arekibo?

I used to work as the Digital Campaign Manager for one of Arekibo’s clients Everymum so I was familiar with Arekibo and really admired the company. I then did a few technical support contracts but my ultimate goal was to become a Project Manager. When I met Luke I knew it was the kind of company I wanted to work for and was fortunate to have been given the opportunity!

One thing most people don't know about you?

When I initially finished my BA I wanted to go into lobbying so I did my first masters (yes I have two masters!) in political lobbying and did an internship in the Seanad where I wrote a few political speeches for the politicians I was working for.

3 things you have learned during your time in Arekibo?

  1. Budget management – every minute counts and every minor task costs money!
  2. The importance of communication amongst the team. As a Project Manager I can’t do my job unless the rest of my team do their work so communicating when things are going well and when things are going bad is imperative.
  3. Don’t have a meeting unless there’s an agenda before it and an action list at the end of it.

Favourite thing about your job?

The variety and the different challenges which come with every day especially with different clients. I get a huge amount of job satisfaction from seeing a project go from the planning stage to being live.

One thing you can’t work without?

There are two things I can’t work without: a strong black Americano at 9am and Spotify. I listen to music all the time when I’m working as it helps me to focus….my Spotify playlist is eclectic!

What's one skill you've gained since joining Arekibo?

I’ve gained a good few skills but the most important one so far is the ability to understand the process of how a new website gets built from planning to the ‘go live’ date.

What project are you most proud of?

While the website isn’t live just yet, I am really proud of the work i'm doing with Shannon Airport. There have been a lot of tricky obstacles but with the support of my team we’ve been able to overcome them.

Apple or Android?

Apple. I’ve always been a big fan of Apple products and like the Cloud integration between devices.

What's your personal motto?

Where there’s a will there’s a way.

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