Know Your Arekibian : Kieran


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on January 10, 2019

Know Your Arekibian : Kieran

Next on our Arekibian series is Kieran, a back-end developer at Arekibo, who has a passion for running. Heran the Dublin marathon last year and also walked the camino!

What was your journey to Arekibo?

My journey to Arekibo is not as exciting as other Arekibians. I graduated from UCC with a Degree in Computer Science and Masters in Electronic Commerce and Business in 2006 and soon after joined Arekibo.

One thing most people don’t know about you?

I do NOT like Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber contrary to popular opinion in the office. What can I say, Spotify has a mind of its own when selecting music to play. 

Favourite thing about your job?

The variety of projects is the best part. We have so many sites and platforms you rarely work on the same thing for too long and you're constantly learning.

One thing you can’t work without?

Earphones – The office gets pretty loud at times and music is a must. Also, if you have earphones you can pretend you don’t hear the doorbell.

Project you’re most proud of?

Irish Aid was the first project I worked on after joining Arekibo. I was thrown into the deep end in my first week. It was exciting moving from working on college projects to actual fully scale corporate projects.

Apple or Android? Why?

Android all the way. I use to have an IPhone 4 years ago. After having numerous Android phones since I don’t think I’ll ever go back. The number of phone styles available is the main factor that I go Android. I currently have the OnePlus 6 which is completely different from the Samsung 3T I had before.

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