Know Your Arekibian : Kyle


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on February 21, 2019

Know Your Arekibian : Kyle

Next up on our "Know Your Arekibian" series is Kyle, a senior developer at Arekibo with a passion for golf.

What was your journey to Arekibo?

After getting a degree in Computer Science from Queens University Belfast, I had a few jobs with web related stuff. Then after travelling Australia for 2 years I decided I wanted to get a job in At the same time my sister was looking for an ecommerce website, so over the next year I built a custom ecommerce platform from scratch in After that I went looking for a .net job and Arekibo took me on.

One thing most people don’t know about you?

At one point I wanted to be a pilot and even got flying lessons, I realised pretty quickly that it may not have been for me.

3 things you have learned during your time in Arekibo?

  1. It’s OK to ask others for guidance rather than spending hours trying to figure it out for yourself
  2. The value of a thorough plan before starting the work
  3. Working as a team delivers higher quality projects

One thing you can’t work without?

Stack Overflow

Project you’re most proud of?

Probably Electric Ireland Shop, due to it’s complexity and large amounts of custom code to make it work to their specific needs.

Favourite thing about your job?

Coding, particularly when a piece of code solves an issue that wasn’t obvious how to go about it in the first place

Apple or Android? Why?

Android – Customisable, Memory cards etc..

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