Know Your Arekibian: Saša


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Posted by Gallen Leung on March 01, 2022

Know Your Arekibian: Saša

Next up on our Know Your Arekibian series is Saša Celinščak, who joined our team in October. Saša likes to play chess online and his hobby is designing board games.

  1. What was your journey to Arekibo? 

    I was a Digital Project Lead in a lighting company. That would often put me in the role of a project owner, and I always thought things on the other hand, amongst designers and developers, were much more exciting. And now I know I was right! 

  2. Three things you have learned during your time in Arekibo?

     A. Time is the most precious currency is the first thing I learned. Being both efficient and effective is crucial in this business. 

     B. Being surrounded by good people is what makes the difference between having a good and having a bad day at work. Teamwork is about supporting each other. 

     C. Nothing goes as planned, so embrace it, stay on the ball, and you will do well. 

  3. One thing you can’t work without? 

    A sports car! Okay, I tried. A good monitor. 

  4. Favourite thing about your job? 

    Interactions with people and the dynamics of the job. Every project is different and there is always something interesting going on.  

  5. One thing most people don’t know about you? 

    I used to be a wrestler, back when I was in primary school.  

  6. One skill you’ve gained since joining Arekibo? 

    Parallel parking. 

  7. Apple or Android? Why? 

    Who cares? 

  8. Personal motto? 

    “I love deadlines, I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” – Douglas Adams 

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