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Posted by Liam Cahill on March 15, 2019

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet...

At an interaction design talk recently, I heard the sentence “never use Lorem Ipsum but if you must, use Pirate Ipsum.” Out of all the talks that evening that one stuck with me most and I’ve tried to use real content in my designs ever since. However sometimes you need a bit of nonsense to test a design so here are five of the best ipsum generators Google can find. 

Obama Ipsum - 

If you want your nonsense content to be inspiring there’s only one man for the job, Barack Obama. This ipsum generator pieces together lines from his speeches to create the most presidential lorem ipsum in history. 

Gangsta Ipsum - 

Do you want your wireframes to look as if Snoop Dogg himself had a hand in creating them? Look no further than Gangsta Ipsum and lorizzle your ipsum. 

Cheese Ipsum - 

Sometimes you just have to show your love of cheese in a wireframe. Whether it’s pepper jack, pecorino or cheese strings, cheese ipsum will help you tell the world of your love of cheese. 

Hipsum - 

Regardless of your acceptance or denial of your hipster status, hipsum will provide you with the nonsense to make your wireframes a little less mainstream. Hipsum serves up classic lorem ipsum alongside terms you’d overhear in a coffee shop using old pallets as furniture and serving coffee with too many adjectives in tiny glasses. No beard required for use.  

Jeffsum - 

Jeffsum was literally made for designers, the gradient backgrounds, the pictures of Jeff Goldblum in all his goodness, it’s just beautiful to use! Rather than making up words Jeffsum provides content in the form of quotes from Jeff’s best films. Use it, laugh at your wireframes, it’s what Jeff would want. 

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