Unlocking value for airport owners and investors


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Posted by Gallen Leung on March 08, 2023

Unlocking value for airport owners and investors

We are delighted to launch the new daa International corporate website.

We began working with the daa Group in 2010 and are thrilled to see the launch of their new online presence.  

daa International are a global airports management, consultant and investment team and part of the wider daa Group. They were established in early 2014 to leverage the expertise, track record and experience embedded in the daa Group companies and make it available to the market.

daa International are a trusted global partner and continue to expand through partnerships that bring innovation and excellence to the aviation sector and by leveraging our extensive experience in operating some of the most progressive airports in the world. 

Their global reach has businesses established in over 30 locations across 15 countries including Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Germany and India. 

Visit daa International.

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