Marketing campaign planner canvas whitepaper


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Posted by Alina Sidbrant on April 24, 2020

Marketing campaign planner canvas whitepaper

Our team are always looking for ways to streamline how we collaborate when delivering projects. I really enjoy watching how they work together and decided to take this energy into how we plan and develop our marketing campaigns.

The problems I find when planning campaigns is that they can quickly become quite complicated, not to mention the various tools we all use.

My challenge. I wanted to create a new way to create our campaign plans. I had to make sure it was simple to understand, was enjoyable to use and could be adopted by everyone.

I started by listing our own objectives and constrains. Then I researched online and found many templates with too many elements. I made a list of all possible elements and evaluated them on their importance. Removing all unimportant parts left me with 12 elements, which I wanted to layout in a way that make the template easy to use. I knew of Business Model Canvas tool from before and used it as an inspiration for the outline of MCPC.

When the first draft was ready – I test ran it with our team and some of my friends, reviewed the feedback, iterated it, and created the final canvas. We created the MCPC Whitepaper that contains the canvas, together with instructions and an example of how to use it. We now want to share the Canvas with everyone looking for a better way to plan their next marketing campaigns.


So, how should you use the canvas?

  1. Gather your team and explain the brief for the desired campaign
  2. Together with the team list one or serveral goals you want to fulfil
  3. Introduce the canvas to your team and make sure everyone understands how to use the teool
  4. Get your team to individualy complete the template
  5. Host a workshop together, share your individual templates and create the final plan for your upcoming campaign
  6. Share the final plan with the team
  7. Agree on next steps to make it happen!

If you’re struggling with how to create your goals, target audience, KPI’s, Channels or CTA’s we also included a cheat sheet to give you some ideas to pick what’s relevant for your company.

Download our full report now and get your team aligned.


From our own experience, working with content for your web is not a one-time event. It requires planning, creating and ongoing management to keep it relevant. We hope that tools like this help you create and deliver high quality targeted content to create truly meaningful experiences for your customers.

I am very excited to see you test the canvas for your campaigns and would be very happy to hear your thoughts back! Let’s learn, share and grow together.

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Alina Sidbrant
Alina Sidbrant

Alina is Marketing Innovation Lead at Arekibo. She is passionate about corporate entrepreneurship and strategy.