Millennials opinions on security, tracking and personalisation


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on October 20, 2020

Millennials opinions on security, tracking and personalisation

Recently we surveyed millennials from around Europe on their opinions on eprivacy, security, trust and personalisation. What did we find out?


With Covid19, the importance of digital and the transparency of communication grew. We asked the millennials how confident they are about the security of communication apps for online apps such as Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams. Our research showed that in general, millennials are not concerned about the security of these app with 86% of respondents somewhat or very confident in the security. When asked which communication app they feel is most secure they said WhatsApp followed by Zoom and Microsoft Teams.



With the recent DPC cookie compliance deadline we were interested to find out if millennials were aware of cookies, how they work and how they’re used. The majority of respondents were somewhat to very aware of how cookies worked and 56% knew how businesses used then. From the commentary and additional comments made it was clear that millennials are willing to learn more about data privacy, tracking and cookies.

The high awareness of how cookies worked and how businesses used cookies means that millennials question the cookies being tracked with 51% of respondents noting that they would only accept necessary cookies and would not accept any functional or performance cookies.



As personalisation is a hot topic at the moment we wanted to learn about their opinion on personalised content, emails and remarketing.

As we have found millennials are security aware, so it is not a surprise that several of our respondents did not like the idea of personalised content with some saying they find it “scary” and “disturbing”. This also correlates with their opinion on remarketing with only 10% of respondents saying they like being remarketed to.


Along with discussion on security we asked about safety, data protection, trust of a brand, what apps they’re using and got insight into their general behaviour on the web. To find out more download our report for free now.


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