New Typefaces from Google Web Fonts


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Posted by Martin Casey on July 25, 2013

New Typefaces from Google Web Fonts

The Google web fonts directory has grown considerably in the past few months, now with over 600 typefaces in its directory. It’s free, fast and open source and offers a great alternative to paid for webfont services such as Typekit. However, quantity does not equal quality and the directory still consists of hundreds of poor quality fonts. But, nestled among these are some gems that are worth taking a closer look at. To see how beautiful some Google fonts can be check out Chad Mazzola’s stunning one pager showcasing the best Google has to offer. Below, we’ve selected some of our favourite Google fonts, each available with different weights.

What are your favourites?


Lato google web fonts

Designed by Lukasz Dziedzic, Lato is a strong sans serif and is particularly elegant when used in its light weight for large headings. The complete family consists of five weights, each with corresponding italics.


asap google web fonts

Asap is a sans serif with a lot of character, especially when used it it’s bold italic format. The regular weight also works well for body copy.


raleway google web fonts

Raleway is a friendly sans-serif which was originally designed as a thin weight only by Matt McInerney. It’s been extended and now has six weights in its family. It’s very versatile and works great for display and body text.


Open Sans

opensans google web fonts

Open Sans is a sans-serif typeface designed by Steve Matteson and commissioned by Google. Its available is a large number of variants, including a condensed version and renders very well across all devices and print media.



titillium google web fonts

Designed by students in Italy, Titillium is an open source sans serif typeface with six weights. It has a slightly techy feel and works best in its bold style for headings.

Quattrocento Sans

quattrocento google web fonts

Quattrocento Sans is an elegant and sober sans serif which works particularly well when used as body copy and paired with its serif companion Quattrocento.


cabin google web fonts

Like Quattrocento above, Cabin was designed Pablo Impallari. It’s a versatile humanist sans serif, designed with a nod to the typefaces of Eric Gill and comes in four weights with corresponding italics.


exo google web fonts

EXO is a modern geometric sans typeface and like Titillium it has a techy/futuristic feel but still remains elegant. It’s very versatile with nine weights in its family, and gives high impact when used in a bold italic format.


montserrat google web fonts

Funded by Kickstarter and designed by Julieta Ulanovsky, Montserrat is a new libre sans text typeface for the web, inspired by the signage found in a historical neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. It’s available to two weights and makes a good alternative to the ever popular Proxima Nova.

Check out Chip Cullen’s awesome tool the Font Combinator to see how some of the above look paired together in real time.

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