Our top 5 UX articles this week


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on February 13, 2019

Our top 5 UX articles this week

This week we have articles related to UX research, design systems, chatbots and how animations can help you this year. 

  1. How Animations Can Help In 2019

Animation is not just something pretty to look at.  Whether it’s UI animations to guide the user along their journey or videos for marketing, animation brings your product to life and gives a tangible experience to your users.

  1. Why Design Systems Fail, And How To Make Them Work

This blog focuses on how they aimed their design system at improving the bridge between the design and the development of the products they were making and why it didn’t work eventually.

  1. An Interaction Designer Tries To Make A Bank Transfer

Anyone who has ever had to suffer through searching for their AIB card reader will be able to appreciate the importance of good UX in their banking.

  1. Interpreting Contradictory UX Research Findings

The ideal way to conduct UX research is to use multiple methodologies, mixing both quantitative and qualitative research. But what happens when those different research methods tell different, even contradictory stories?  

5. The UX of Chatbots

The chatbots are coming! Here is a useful curated list of reading for understand and designing a 'conversational UI'.

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