Our Top 5 UX blogs to read over the Christmas


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Posted by Fintan O'Byrne on December 21, 2018

Our Top 5 UX blogs to read over the Christmas

Carrying on from our last collections of blogs about chatbots, effective UX writing and using experiments to launch new products, we have a new compilation of UX blogs for you, which is perfect for when you're relaxing over the Christmas:

1. Four Methods to Align UX Strategy with Your Business Goals

This article run through four ways you can align strategy with your business goals including personas, your users needs and organization of design review meetings.

2. Virtual Reality Q&A

A different take on a typical Q&A video – he created a 360 degree Virtual Reality series!

3. UX For A Better Public Transport

We all complain about public transport but what if we get designers to take the challenge of fixing the problem using UX? 

4. Microsoft Edge Is Switching To Chromium In 2019 – Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing

If you can’t beat them, join them! Microsoft announced it will be transitioning its browser to a Chromium-based platform next year. Find out why it’s a good thing.

5. Think Graphic Design Doesn’t Matter?

The goal of a designer is to make things clear and eliminate any ambiguity – find out how this was linked to the 2008 US presidential election.

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