SETI #1: Tiktok, Irish Design, Covid-19, WFH


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Posted by Martin Casey on June 12, 2020

SETI #1: Tiktok, Irish Design, Covid-19, WFH

Today we are starting a new post series called SETI. SETI is a selection of the best articles that Arekibians have been reading recently.

The name SETI stands for “The search for extraterrestrial intelligence”, it is a collective term for the scientific searches for intelligent extraterrestrial life - see more here.

To us SETI defines the concept of articles, carefully selected out of the noise of information. It also connects to the inspiration for our name Arekibo.

In our first SETI selection, we've cover understanding TikTok and cost to use it, the Covid contact tracing app and why we should do remote usability testing.

  1. The Rise of TikTok - Understanding it's parent company, ByteDance 
  2. Entrepreneurial creativity - how to come up with ideas and convert them into reality 
  3. Cool face filter - an interactive editor for making face filters with WebGL 
  4. Contract Tracing App - HSE update on the pending contact tracking app 
  5. Finding voice and tone for your brand - MailChimps great content style guide 
  6. George Floyd - The people creating art to remember George Floyd 
  7. The cost of TikTok - From takeovers to topview ads, what it costs to advertise on TikTok 
  8. Irish Design - A new interactive platform charts Ireland’s relationship with design  
  9. Usability Testing - Why should you do remote moderated usability testing  
  10. WFH - 5 tips to reduce screen time while working from home

Feel free to share and tweet us or contact us if you have read any interesting articles that you think we should feature.

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*Illustration by Michael Craig-Martin.

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