SETI #14: Spotify CEO, Sports & Business, Xmas at Home


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on December 10, 2020

SETI #14: Spotify CEO, Sports & Business, Xmas at Home

In our last SETI, we focused on articles about the state of digital in 2020, how mini-games and micro-interactions are changing consumer behaviour and how Covid19 vaccine is changing the tech world. Today we will be reading about the renaissance of the QR code, what businesses can learn from high-performance sports and how to stay safe celebrating Christmas at home.

  1. Leadership: The Observer effect, the interview with Spotify founder

Daniel Ek, Founder and CEO of Spotify does things very differently from other business leaders and in this interview is talking about his leadership style, time management, decision making, Spotify's impact on the world and much, much more.

  1. Technology: Monitor and analyze your software

A list of 21 programs that are great for analyzing or benchmarking your devices - whether you've got a mobile phone, laptop or desktop PC running Windows, Linux, or macOS, to get you covered for 2021.

  1. Digital: Components randomizer for Figma

An interesting research done on a component randomizer on Figma: 50 / 50 split component with an H1, paragraph and CTA. 115 alternative layouts based on a a simple pixel gird and rules set up around margins and spacing.

  1. Digital: The renaissance of the QR code

In a touch-free world, the QR code is having its moment. Once dismissed as a marketing gimmick, the black and white patterns are proving their worth during the coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Business in lockdown: What high-performance sport can teach business

Business has always found inspiration in sport. And the lockdown has been no exception. This article gathers the recent high-performance (virtual) coffee breaks heard from over 120 leaders from around 32 different sports around the world, from locations as widespread as San Jose, Munich, and Melbourne.

  1. Development: .Net Conference 2020

In the previous SETI we have covered the release of .Net 5. Today we want to turn your attention to a .NET conference that happened last month. This link hosts all the awesome sessions from various teams and community experts that showed all sorts of cool things we can build with .NET across platforms and devices.

  1. UX: The relationship between data and design explained

In this Ted Talk, Rochelle King, the senior designer at Spotify, walks us through the process of redesigning a major website, revealing best practices for navigating the relationship between designers, data and the people for whom it is built.

  1. WFH: Siemens to let staff ‘Work From Anywhere’ permanently

Earlier this year, Siemens let staff “Work From Anywhere” permanently where they are most productive.

  1. Covid19: What’s allowed and what to avoid this Christmas

Government stresses ‘every contact counts’ as it outlines options available at Level 3. See some of the advice on shopping, family gatherings, Santa drive-through and Christmas markets in Ireland this year.

  1. Neuroscience: Why you should read this out loud

Most adults retreat into a personal, quiet world inside their heads when they are reading, but we may be missing out on some vital benefits when we do this.

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