SETI #2: Super Mario, Figma, Copernicus


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on June 25, 2020

SETI #2: Super Mario, Figma, Copernicus

In our last SETI, we covered understanding Tiktok and the cost of using it, the Covid contact tracing app and why we should do remote usability testing. This week in our second SETI selection, we will cover accessibility, developing agility that outlasts the pandemic and helpful story telling techniques from inspiring TED presenters.

  1. Customer Experience - Elevating CX excellence in the next normal
  2. Accessibility - 15 things to help improve your website accessibility
  3. Covid-19 - Develop agility that outlasts the pandemic
  4. Design - Figma tips and tricks
  5. Storytelling - 7 techniques used by the most inspiring TED presenters
  6. Super Mario - details of the new Lego Super Mario series
  7. UX - Forgotten monk paved the way for Copernicus with a user friendly device
  8. Education - Ethiopian children teach themsleves how to use technology
  9. Start-ups: Early Adopters: The way you think about attracting them is probably wrong
  10. Covid-19 - Ireland's Covid hub

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