SETI #21: Art & AI, GDPR Compliance, Tech Resources


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Posted by Alina Sidbrant on July 01, 2021

SETI #21: Art & AI, GDPR Compliance, Tech Resources

Last month we had a wide range of topics for all tastes: design system courses for everyone, the latest updates on measuring web performance, the basics of safe airplane travel. This month we are looking into the best practices on UX and design, including the sticky headers, naming conventions and the IA, an Award-winning Twitter account of Dublin Airport, and following the story of IKEA’s digital transformation.

  1. Inspiration: What makes Dublin Airport’s Twitter account tick?

Dublin Airport’s Twitter account is flying. It has hundreds of thousands of followers and has won a total of 10 awards, including the Moodie Award for World’s Best Airport Twitter Account four times. Learn, what makes it stand out?

  1. UX: 5 ways to make your sticky headers better

Sticky headers (or persistent headers) are a common pattern for keeping the header of a website or app in the same place on the screen while the user scrolls down the page. Here is how to make them better.

  1. Innovation: AI helps return Rembrandt's The Night Watch

Rijksmuseum reproduces Dutch master’s work in all its glory, 300 years after it was cut to fit between doors, using AI.

  1. Digital: The two kinds of digital transformation

What are the two kinds of digital transformations? There’s the “catch up” variety and there’s the “keep ahead” variety. One is built atop of the other. Guess which one that might be? And which one does everyone really want to be? Find out here.

  1. Technology: 51 Tech and Business resources to use if you want to be an expert in your field

There are more than enough resources to help you follow the latest technology trends. So much so that the MUSE have curated a list that includes several categories: tech, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, and business.

  1. Design: Guidelines to naming conventions, components structure and document organisation

Get to know these guidelines, that will allow you to design more efficiently by following good, shared practices across team and projects.

  1. Compliance: Three years of GDPR. The biggest fines so far

It's been three years since the introduction of Europe's data privacy and security law on 25 May 2018. However, some businesses remain non-compliant. Read about global brands hit by massive penalties, reaching up to 20m euros (£17.29m) or 4% of global revenue.

  1. Frontend development: A practical guide to information architecture (IA)

This book is a very practical guide to information architecture and navigation design, for website and intranet design and redesign projects. If you’re a website designer or intranet manager and don’t have a lot of Information Architecture experience, this book will help you feel more confident about your process and decisions.

  1. Marketing: New rules of social media marketing in 2021

Social media has taken on greater significance for consumers and marketers as 2020’s events have forced more digital communication, but the ways of using it are evolving.

  1. Strategy: Inside IKEA’s digital transformation

What does it mean for one of the world’s most recognizable retail brands to go digital? For almost 80 years, IKEA has been in the very analogue business of selling its distinct brand of home goods to people. Three years ago, IKEA Retail (Ingka Group) hired Barbara Martin Coppola to guide the company through a digital transformation and help it enter the next era of its history. 

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