SETI #22: Twitter Fleets, Work From Home, Milky Way


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on July 27, 2021

SETI #22: Twitter Fleets, Work From Home, Milky Way

In our last SETI, we looked into the best practices on UX and design, including the sticky headers, naming conventions and the IA, an Award-winning Twitter account of Dublin Airport, and followed the story of IKEA’s digital transformation. This month we are discussing the disappearance of Twitter Fleets, workers pushing to return to the office and how to extend customer experience beyond the brand’s control.

  1. UX: Best practices for modal window design

Designers use modal windows to grab users’ attention. The information and actions in the modal window will have the entire user’s attention. Here are 9 simple rules that will help you design better modal window.

  1. Twitter: Twitter's "Fleets" disappearing

At the end of 2020, Twitter rolled out fleets and just eight months on they have decided to remove them.

  1. Design: Allianz new digital brand experience

While branding has been around since people began buying and trading goods, the definition of branding has certainly evolved in the digital age. Customers now have a wider range of interaction with companies and greater product choice. Allianz has updated their design language. It now brings an intuitive user experience to Allianz employees and other operating entities all over the world.

  1. Innovation: New copy-paste QR code

Designer and programmer Cyril Diagne has created an augmented reality tool that can capture images of real-world objects and add them to a computer program in a few seconds.

  1. WFH: The workers pushing back on the return to the office

Some companies want staff back in the office for more time than employees had anticipated. Workers like their set-ups, and even doubt bosses' motives – so they're resisting.

  1. Accessibility: Equivalent Experiences: What Are They?

An equivalent experience is one that has been deliberately conceived of and built to be able to be used by the widest possible range of people. To create an equivalent experience, you must understand all the different ways people interact with technology, as well as common barriers they experience.

  1. Technology: Azure data factory managed virtual network

Azure Data Factory is a fully managed, easy-to-use, serverless data integration, and transformation solution to ingest and transform all your data. Learn about over 90 connectors to ingest data and build code-free or code-centric ETL/ELT processes.

  1. UX: How to extend customer experience beyond brand’s control

Learn, why customer experience extends beyond the interactions, so it’s time for brands to think about a 360-degree approach that includes third-party apps and services.

  1. In Computero: Hear How AI Software Wrote a ‘New’ Nirvana Song

Computer-generated artificial tracks by Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse and Jim Morrison highlight a new project that helps bring attention to mental illness.

  1. Inspiration: The 'star-fiend' who unlocked the Universe

We used to think the Milky Way was the only galaxy, but with one simple law, Henrietta Swan Leavitt changed that forever – and she didn't even need a telescope.

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