SETI #23: Accessibility, FBI, Nintendo


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Posted by Alina Sidbrant on August 26, 2021

SETI #23: Accessibility, FBI, Nintendo

In our last SETI, we discussed the disappearance of Twitter Fleets, teams pushing to return to the office and how to extend customer experience beyond the brand’s control.  

This month we are covering the FBI’s fingerprint factory, climate change and education during Covid and the technology that powers the NASA Perseverance rover. 

  1.  Climate Change - The Chilean mycologist celebrating fungi's "hidden kingdom" 

    A chance encounter with a mushroom inspired Giuliana Furci to become a champion of these organisms that can feed, heal and even tackle climate change. 

  2. Password Security - The logic behind three random words 

    The traditional password advice built around 'password complexity' failed because it told us to do things that most of us simply can't do.  

  3. History: Inside the FBI’s colossal fingerprint factory 

    In the 1920s, the FBI employed 25 to classify around 800,000 print cards. By 1943, more than 20,000 employees were sorting through 70 million fingerprints. 

  4. Education: The Kids Are In Charge 

    A kid-driven pop-up school that took over the @farnamstreet offices when schools closed because of COVID-19. 

  5. eCommerce - On J-Curves and agglomeration in e-commerce 

    The recent shift to online retail has been reactionary. The next phase of eCommerce growth will be more intentional. But first, the bottom of the J-curve. 

  6. Technology: A 1990s iMac processor powers NASA’s perseverance rover 

    NewScientist reports that the Perseverance rover is powered by a PowerPC 750 processor, which was used in Apple’s original 1998 iMac G3. 

  7. Entertainment: Will the new streaming service Peacock overrule Netflix? 

    Just like Netflix and Disney Plus, Peacock unlocks exclusive content if you pay, but nobody blends that with a free tier like Peacock. 

  8. UX: 13 upcoming UI and UX trends every tech company should prepare for 

    The Forbes Technology Council share 13 upcoming developments that will impact the UI/UX sector and what you need to know to make the most of them. 

  9. Accessibility: Equivalent Experiences: Thinking Equivalently  

    How to address common accessibility issues so everyone can effortlessly access your content. 

  10. Nintendo: Yamauchi nr 10 family office

    Finally, check out the official website of “Yamauchi No.10 Family Office” launched by the family of  the Nintendo founder. 

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