SETI #25, Succession 3, Teens & Instagram, Crypto Hamster, Climate Change and UX


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Posted by Gallen Leung on October 19, 2021

SETI #25, Succession 3, Teens & Instagram, Crypto Hamster, Climate Change and UX

Last month we looked the innovative new identity for Chernobyl, sustainability for websites, NFT’s and insights into coping with our always-on culture.  This month we were reading about Succession Season 3, AI and rainfall, Instagram’s leaked teen research and hamsters beating investors training cryptocurrency. 

  1. AI - AI can predict if it will rain in two hours' time 

    Weather forecasts are notoriously bad at predicting the chances of impending rain – as anyone who has been drenched after leaving the house without an umbrella can testify. Now, Google uses AI to try to improve two-hour rain forecasts which make sure you know you need your umbrella or not! 


  1. TV - Succession Returns, Nastier Than Ever 

    The season-two finale of Succession ended with the detonation of a bomb within the deeply dysfunctional, impossibly wealthy Roy family. Season 3 is full of punches, jabs, and kicks to the groin, from every direction in the gloriously nasty next season.  

  2. Instagram - Facebook Knows Instagram Is Toxic for Teen Girls, Company Documents Show 

    The Wall Street Journal’s article challenging Facebook’s Instagram research that shows significant teen mental-health issue that Facebook plays down in public. 

  3. Instagram - What Our Research Really Says About Teen Well-Being and Instagram 

    Facebook reply to the The Wall Street Journal article, stating their Instagram’s research shows that on 11 of 12 well-being issues, teenage girls who said they struggled with those difficult issues also said that Instagram made them better rather than worse. What do you think? 


  1. Crypto - Mr Goxx, the crypto-trading hamster beating human investors 

    Can a hamster trading cryptocurrency beat human investors in the stock market? Mr Goxx can. Yes, Mr Goxx is a hamster. Say hello to the crypto-trading hamster. 


  1. Crypto - Why the ‘Big Short’ Guys Think Bitcoin Is a Bubble 

    During the past year of COVID-induced market mania, cryptocurrencies have gone up so much — bitcoin is up about fivefold, while many other crypto projects are up far, far more — that even reluctant Wall Street institutions have begun to tiptoe into the arena.  


  1. Back to office - 4 video meeting rules that should follow us back to the office  

    It's been more than 18 months since we started working from home, most of us are used to the new life at home. As people are returning to the office, there are a few things that we learned from online meetings that should follow us back to the office into in-person ones.  

  2. Climate change denial - Google To Cut Off Ad Money For YouTube Videos That Spread Climate Change Denial 

    Google will no longer allow users to monetize content that denies the existence of climate change, hoping to limit revenue and stop the spread of misinformation on its platforms. 


  1. Nintendo - Random: Nintendo Fan Collects Every Game Boy Game In Just Two Years  

    Did you know how many games Game Boy ever released? This Nintendo fan collected every single on over 2 years.  


  1. UX - 8 Design Guidelines for Complex Applications 

    A complex application is any application supporting the broad, unstructured goals or nonlinear workflows of highly trained users in specialised domains. Despite great diversity in the workflows and end users needs, Nielsen Norman Group provide 8 design guidelines that help the design of complex applications. 

Succession Image - Graeme Hunter/HBO

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