SETI #26, Vikings, Google Street View, Car Tech, DAOs, Privacy & Climate Change


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Posted by Gallen Leung on November 11, 2021

SETI #26,  Vikings, Google Street View, Car Tech, DAOs, Privacy & Climate Change

Last month we looked at AI and rainfall, Instagram’s leaked teen research and hamsters beating investors training cryptocurrency. This month we were reading about privacy regulation, the fourth industrial revolution, lots of Climate Change content especially on CO2 emissions, DAOs (ever heard of them?) and the Vikings and their pet mice… 


  1. Post-Covid - How fourth industrial revolution tech helped companies survive the COVID crisis 

    Fourth industrial revolution technologies emerged as a key driver of resilient supply chains, helping companies survive the pandemic. With the current supply chain issues across the world companies have no choice but to look at their strategies. 


  1. Privacy - Anonymity no more? Age checks come to the Web 

    People in countries such as Japan must provide a document proving their age to use certain social media. Should this be applied globally to protect young people but also prevent any online anonymity abuse?   


  1. Climate Change – Who emits the most CO2 

    We all know Carbon dioxide emissions are the primary driver of climate change. But do you know which countries emit the most? This great resource provides excellent information to interrogate and understand what is happening across regions and countries. 


  1. Business - Building Audience & Income with Justin Welsh 

    Have you heard of Justin Welsh, or the Discord community called Audience & Income?  He made about $40,000 in just 48 hours after he began selling memberships to monetize his Discord community.  


  2. Climate Change - Can Lego help save Singapore's coral reefs? 

    Singapore is home to a third of the world's diversity of coral species - a staggering amount for a tiny country. Coral reefs protect the world's coastlines, are home to thousands of fishes and are a vital part of the underwater ecosystem.  A group of scientists at the National University of Singapore are trying to save the coral reef using Lego. 


  3. Crypto - Investing in Friends With Benefits (a DAO)  

    We are now seeing waves of new products and services on top of blockchains that are disrupting industries and reaching mainstream adoption such as DeFi, NFTs and crypto. Have you heard of DAOs - decentralized autonomous organizations? 


  1. UX - Why UX/UI Should Be Considered Throughout The AI Life Cycle 

    The customer comes first?” but when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), why is it that the customer (or user) is so often an afterthought?  


  2. Vikings - Did Vikings and their stowaway mice beat Portugal to the Azores? 

    Recent evidence claimed that the Portuguese may not have been the first people to reach the island of the Azores archipelago. Viking seafarers may have arrived some 700 years earlier, and accidental travelers – Mice 🐭 


  3. Travel - 3 in 4 drivers want to ditch ‘non-essential’ car tech 

    Technology has enabled more convenience and assistance systems for vehicles but has also given us lots of unnecessary features that are driving us mad. 


  1. Google Map - Memory lanes: Google’s map of our lives 

    Street View was initially conceived to improve the accuracy of Google Maps and navigate users to the real world. But now it offers something more profound: as a portal for users to revisit some forgotten places and spot loved ones on familiar streets 📍 


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