SETI #27, Coral Reefs, Carrie saving Big, GCHQ Xmas Card, Log2Shell and Google Trends 2021


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Posted by Gallen Leung on December 16, 2021

SETI #27,  Coral Reefs, Carrie saving Big, GCHQ Xmas Card, Log2Shell and Google Trends 2021

Last month we looked at the world post Covid, privacy and anonymity, DAOs and the Vikings and their pet mice. This month we were reading about deflecting asteroids, saving the coral reefs, could Carrie have saved Big, Apple’s new Digital Legacy program feature, the UK’s Spy Agency’s Xmas card for kids and Google Trends, the year of Search 2021. 


  1. Space - Nasa launches spacecraft in first ever mission to deflect asteroid 

    Spacecraft heads off on 6.8m-mile journey to crash into moonlet Dimorphos in a test to see if asteroids can be diverted from collision with Earth. 🚀 

  2. Environment - Nobel-winning stock market theory used to help save coral reefs 

    A Nobel prize-winning economic theory used by investors is showing early signs of helping save threatened coral reefs. 

  3. Sports - Can Tech Really Better Human Decisions In Sports? 

    Every single decision made in competitive sports is under an extreme amount of scrutiny, often with a lot of money riding on it as well. Enter technology, it can keep things accurate, fast and, above all, neutral.  

  4. TV – Should Carrie have called 911 to save Big 

    Ever since And Just Like That … ruthlessly killed off Mr. Big, people are asking my didn’t  screaming the Carrie call 911? Could Carrie have saved Big’s life if she immediately called an ambulance, a cardiologist provides their opinion and verdict. 

  5. Marketing - How D2C brands are diversifying consumer experience to disrupt the retail industry 

    eMarketer’s forecast, that US direct-to-consumer (D2C) ecommerce sales alone will reach $151.20 billion in 2022, while only currently account for 2.5% of total retail sales. D2C brands have challenged and successfully disrupted the retail industry by diversifying consumer experience. 

  6. Security - Britain's GCHQ spy agency releases Christmas puzzle for kids  

    Every year, the UK’s GCHQ, the intelligence, cyber and security agency releases a card containing a festive brainteaser for national security colleagues and partners across the world. This year’s card contains a set of puzzles aimed at inspiring young would-be secret agents.  Find the card here 

  7. Security - The Log4Shell bug in Log4j is an open-source security crisis 

    Last week companies around the world are scrambling to limit the damage from one of the most consequential open-source software security vulnerabilities discovered in years, first publicly disclosed on Friday. A bug in a program called Log4j, which has been used in countless numbers of Java applications built over the last two decades. 

  8. Social Media - Why Snapchat and TikTok still trail the duopoly for digital ads 

    Despite the domination of Google and Facebook, TikTok is the new kid on the block and extremely popular among the cohort. Advertisers and brands are starting to wonder whether they should shift ad spending from the duopoly to emerging contenders. 

  9. Technology - Apple will soon let you pass on your iCloud data when you die 

    Apple released iOS 15.2 with many new features and fixes. One interesting addition is the Digital Legacy program, which lets you designate who gets access to your data when you die. 

  10. Search – The Year in Search - Google Trends 2021 

    Google releases their annual global search trends, who or what was the top Athlete, Game, Food or Movie that we searched for in 2021. Interesting and immersive, give it a try. 

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