SETI #28, Low-Code, Crypto & Payments, Shopify vs Amazon, Two Sleeps a Day and Josh Wolfe


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Posted by Gallen Leung on February 03, 2022

SETI #28,  Low-Code, Crypto & Payments, Shopify vs Amazon, Two Sleeps a Day and Josh Wolfe

Last month we looked at the stock market theory used to save the coral reefs. Could Carrie have saved Big, the Log2Shell bug and the Google Trends for 2021, as well as Apple’s new update that allows you to pass on your iCloud data when you die, grim but true.


  1. Signal - My first impressions of web3 

    Founder of Signal, Moxie Marlinspike, shares his first impressions and insights on Web 3.  


  1. crypto - The End Of Cash, The Rise Of Crypto And The Future Of Payments   

    Is it time to look to the not-too-distant future where everything payments, even the tough ones right now, are second nature, instantaneous and involve no hard cash?    


  1. Data Science - Low-code software can bridge the gap between data scientists and business units  

    Did you know that low-code software for data science is investing in more efficient working groups, knowledge sharing, and upskilling? Most importantly, it is investing in getting data to power the decision making of your organisation. Learn more here.   


  1. Social Media - 8 Ways To Maximize The Value Of Your Social Media Content 

    Why does your social media content not generate the value you want? Make sure you check this list and don’t waste your blood, sweat, and tears on content that isn’t up to scratch.   


  1. Kenya - Letter from Africa: Why Kenya's taxman is eyeing social media 

    Read more here to know why the taxman in Kenya, a hidden follower, is now tracking every step Kenyans take, every photo they post, every meal they eat, every car they flaunt and every house they show off.  


  1. E-commerce - How Shopify Outfoxed Amazon to Become the Everywhere Store 

    The Canadian upstart Shopify transformed into an e-commerce giant by being the “anti-Bezos”. How long can the formula keep working?  


  1. Tech - Can Matt Mullenweg save the internet? 

    Mullenweg turned WordPress into a different kind of tech giant. But can he take on the trillion-dollar walled gardens and give the internet back to the people?  


  1. Blockchain - Making Sense of the NFT Marketplace 

    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) may seem like a passing craze, but with over $10 billion traded in the third quarter of 2021 alone, it has become clear that this emerging technology is not to be scoffed at. This article explains the concepts and world of NFT marketplaces.    


  1. 2022 - The Renaissance Man of Venture Capital 

    Josh Wolfe, the co-founder of venture-capital firm Lux Capital, led it from a relatively small player in the world of venture capital to $4 billion in assets within two years. Read his dystopian fantasy of 2022 here.    


  1. Health - The forgotten medieval habit of 'two sleeps.'  

    Did you know that people 1000 years ago slept in two shifts – one in the evening and once in the morning? Want to know why and how people have now lost this habit? Read more here.   

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