SETI #3: Supercell, Covid App, Google, Bootstrap


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Posted by Alina Sidbrant on July 09, 2020

SETI #3: Supercell, Covid App, Google, Bootstrap

In our last SETI, we covered accessibility, Figma tips, developing agility that outlasts the pandemic and helpful story telling techniques from inspiring TED presenters. This week in our third SETI we will cover the HSE’s new Covid-19 app, a Google ranking update, the new v5 of Bootstrap and the secret to effective marketing.

  1. Service revolution: Ireland has a talent for a service revolution
  2. Bootstrap: New v5 on the way
  3. Google ranking: User Experience will affect ranking from next year
  4. Covid-19 app: HSE's Covid-19 tracing app passes 1 million downloads
  5. Technology: We no longer take DXP for granted
  6. Facebook:  #StopHateForProfile campaign on why Irish companies stopped advertising
  7. Covid-19: How the coronavirus is already rewriting the future of business
  8. Video call: How to combat video call fatigue
  9. SuperCell: 10 learnings from 10 years
  10. Marketing: Frequency, Frequency, Frequency. The secret to effective marketing?

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Alina Sidbrant

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