SETI #5: Beastie Boys, 3D Storytelling, Robots


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Posted by Alina Sidbrant on August 06, 2020

SETI #5: Beastie Boys, 3D Storytelling, Robots

In our last SETI, we covered how one bad employee can corrupt a whole team, the recent Twitter hack and get inspired by thousands of Covid innovations from around the world. Our fifth SETI will cover an amazing 3D reconstruction of journalistic scenes, how the Financial Times improved reader habit and how to thrive in small spaces while working from home.

  1. Knowledge illusion: Why facts don't change our minds
  2. 3D storytelling: Reconstructing journalistic scenes
  3. Design: What is an SVG font?
  4. UX: 5 principles for better designer and developer collaboration
  5. Content: How the Financial Times improved reader habit by 39%
  6. Facebook Shops: The end of eCommerce as we know it
  7. Twitter: Subscription options in discussion as ad revenue drops
  8. Covid19: How Robots are helping to fight Coronavirus at Heathrow
  9. WFH: Tips for thriving in small spaces
  10. Beastie Boys Story:

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Alina Sidbrant

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