SETI #6: 1918 flu, Lego Nintendo, human genes renamed


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Posted by Jennifer McCormack on August 20, 2020

SETI #6: 1918 flu, Lego Nintendo, human genes renamed

In our last SETI we covered an amazing 3D reconstruction of journalistic scenes, how the Financial Times improved reader habit and how to thrive in small spaces while working from home. Our sixth SETI will cover integrating Azure Pipelines with Teams, the mask slackers of 1918 and the UX of Lego Interface panels.

  1. History: The story of the Lion’s head
  2. Innovation: 77 questions innovators are asking now
  3. Entertainment: Lego Nintendo system replica for sale
  4. Microsoft: Scientists rename human genes to stop Excel from misreading them as dates
  5. Twitter: The CEO comments on their mistakes
  6. Covid19: McKinsey outlines a plan for the first 90 days
  7. Design: The UX of LEGO Interface panels
  8. Azure: Integrate Azure Pipelines with Teams
  9. Covid19: The 1918 flu, masks and lessons from the current pandemic
  10. Explore Ireland: Blueways scenic trails

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DNA Image- Illustration by Alex Castro via The Verge

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