SETI #7: Cookies, Banners & Content Walls


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Posted by Alina Sidbrant on September 03, 2020

SETI #7: Cookies, Banners & Content Walls

In our last SETI we covered integrating Azure Pipelines with Teams, lessons learned from the pandemic and the UX of Lego Interface panels.

Our seventh SETI will focus on the popular topic of cookies and cookie consent. We picked some of the recent articles that have been shared internally to ensure we’re all up to date and ready for the October deadline.

  1. IAB Europe: guide to the post-third-party cookie era

IAB created a guide to prepare brands, agencies and publishers for the much anticipated post-third-party cookie advertising ecosystem.

  1. No content wall: and no, scrolling is not consent

If you need to be compliant with the European data protection law you can’t make access to your website’s content dependent on a visitor agreeing that you can process their data.

  1. Cookie Banners: only 11.8% complying with GDPR in January

In January, only 11.8% of the cookie banners on websites met the minimal requirements based on European law.

  1. Guide: the must-know guide to the EU Cookie Directive

As a business owner you should understand what a cookie actually is and what you’re required to know to be compliant. This must-know guide breaks it down.

  1. Marketing: the costs and benefits of the 'cookie law' for marketers

How will the cookie law affect consumers, businesses and marketers? This article explains the laws, affects and what is likely to happen in the future.

Watch the recording of our joint webinar with OneTrust and download the deck here.

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Photo source: Sesame Workshop

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