SETI #9: Ghost Kitchens, Mr Product, The Fake Commute


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Posted by Alina Sidbrant on October 01, 2020

SETI #9: Ghost Kitchens, Mr Product, The Fake Commute

In our last SETI, we focused on Facebook vs EU, GPT-3 and design Superpowers. Our ninth SETI includes ghost kitchens, Mr Product and the fake commute.

  1. Listen: John Collins (Stripe) interview

John Collins discusses how the payment landscape looked when Stripe was started, tips for better internal communications, lessons from going to market with new ideas and future trends that excite him.

  1. Instagram: deleted photos and messages kept on servers for years

Security researcher Saugat Pokharel requested a copy of photos and direct messages from Instagram and he was sent data he’d deleted more than a year ago.

  1. Problem solving: Ensuring you’re solving the right problem

There are many existing frameworks to diagnose and solve problems and when properly applied they can be extremely powerful.

  1. Covid19: Drug and Treatment Tracker

An updated list of the 22 most talked about treatments for Coronavirus.

  1. Microsoft: Underwater server resurfaces after two years

On land, data centers can run into issues like corrosion from oxygen and humidity and controlling shifts in temperatures. However, in a water-tight environment with tight temperature control, far fewer issues cropped up.

  1. Advertising:Meet Mr Product

An insight into cartoon characters created for products or services.

  1. Ghost kitchens: The virtual restaurant business model is spreading around the world

The virtual restaurant is not a new idea with many businesses operating as a number of businesses on delivery apps but all food being prepared from the one kitchen.

  1. Life after lockdown: GroupM sees e-commerce opportunities for brands beyond the Covid-19 lockdown

GroupM released a whitepaper on what life after lockdown may hold in store for brands across Southeast Asia. What can we learn from it?

  1. Design: A UI Component design system in isolation of business logic

An opensource tool for developing UI components in isolation. It makes building components organized and efficient.

  1. WFH: Time for the fake commute

A clinical psychologist encourages people to consider how they can develop their own fake commute to get yourself ready for work.

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