Six reasons why RCSI are unlocking success through digital transformation


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Posted by Fergal McHugh on November 29, 2019

Six reasons why RCSI are unlocking success through digital transformation

Our partner Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI) has recently won the “Digital for good” award at the 2019 Spider Awards — one of the most well recognized digital awards in Ireland. Congratulations to the team at RCSI!

We have been working with RCSI since 2017 on a new transformative approach to digital.

The judges were looking for a non-profit organisation “delivering best in class customer experience by harnessing the power of digital”. Here are some of the principles and practices that have contributed to making RCSI’s digital customer experience a success.

1. Good foundations

RCSI have rolled out a best-in-class Digital Experience Platform (Sitecore) which provides a solid foundation for their digital activities. The platform approach supports rapid scaling, speed-to-market for a diverse set of new digital experiences which can be managed in a single place.

2. Customer obsession

RCSI place the customer at the heart of what they do. They really think about what their users need and find ways to create sustainable value for their users and the organisation as a whole.

3. Always delivering

RCSI use an agile approach to deliver regularly against business needs. An emphasis on being lean ensures that scarce time and effort goes in to building features and capabilities that will deliver value.

4. Modular

RCSI’s focus is on creating digital building blocks which can be combined and re-combined to create new digital experiences. This approach enables to them work quickly and cost-effectively as they address evolving business needs.

5. Effective governance

RCSI’s regular and committed approach to digital governance ensures that the lines of communication between business and digital teams remain open. Planning is fundamental, challenges are faced head-on, issues addressed, and success is shared.

6. Genuine commitment

Most importantly RCSI digital and business teams stay aligned and are equally committed to making digital a success for the organisaton.

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