Social Media Marketing Trends in Ireland


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Posted by Darren McManus on May 30, 2017

Social Media Marketing Trends in Ireland

The State of Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing has been one of the key growth areas for marketing spend in recent times. The social media landscape has evolved to a point where 59% of the Irish population are now active social media users (Source: WeAreSocial). Over the past few years, we’ve seen the introduction of new social channels, improvements and adaptions of older channels and huge variations in user behaviour e.g. a significant increase in the amount of time spent on social media on mobile devices. From an advertising perspective specifically, there have been improvements in both targeting and reporting capabilities across most channels. There’s no doubt that these developments have come hand in hand with a multitude of new challenges and frustrations for organisations. Social media marketing however, can still have a key role to play as part of an integrated digital marketing approach, regardless of organisation size, type or industry.

Our Report: Social Media Marketing Trends in Irish Business

To better understand how Irish organisations use social media and how they perceive the opportunities and challenges it presents, we went about surveying over 100 organisations nationwide to get their view. That survey was the foundation for the latest in our Arekibo Market Sentiment Series of reports, entitled Social Media Marketing Trends in Irish Business. (Download the report here.) Our research shows that concerns around time and resources, getting buy in and developing a suitable tailored social strategy stand out in particular amongst Irish businesses. Unfortunately, what works for one organisation will not necessarily work for the next – there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to social media.

Social Media Marketing Challenges Irish Business

Another key finding is that, whilst most of the main social media advertising channels have adapted and evolved in recent years, there is still some way to go for some if they are to remain competitive in the face of new and existing alternatives. Despite the many challenges, don’t expect social media marketing to go away any time soon. Irish organisations are planning increased activity across a range of social channels and few are planning to decrease activity on any channels. Couple this with the significant amount of organisations that plan to hire new social media staff in the long term, and it’s clear that most Irish organisations see social as a key component of their marketing mix into the future.

Social Media Marketing in Ireland - Social Media Goals

Infographic - The State of Social Media Marketing in Ireland

Infographic - The State of Social Media Marketing in Ireland - Arekibo

For more insights and information on social media marketing in Ireland, download the report here. If you would like to discuss how Arekibo can help you with your social media strategy, feel free to get in touch!

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